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This is my CDJ (& sometimes personal journal). Within the journal you'll find a lot of apps for various characters in the works, drabbles, & other RP stuff. Personal posts are locked so CTBA in the dropbox.

A General Call for RPers

A Call for RPers


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Looking for SLPs

Myself and others at [info]willowcreekmod are looking to re-fill and fill some lines. For those of you unaware, the community is a GPSL that focuses on supernatural individuals just trying to lead normal lives in the small-town of Willow Creek, Oregon. There is no set plot except whatever the group wishes to do and we're slow-to-moderately paced playing in delayed time (currently, we're in July, 2016). If you're interested, there are two characters that need to be re-filled a-sap:
PBs: Sam Claflin is preferred, but other suggestions are open for discussion.
Connections: Elise Delaney ([info]hipstervamp) is Killians sister that was turned into a vampire. Still trying to get her vampire instincts under control, Elise attacked her brother, nearly killed him, and disappeared. Rebecca Delaney ([info]gohexyourself) is Killian's wife. After they got married, Rebecca helped Killian track down Elise in order for the siblings to reconnect and be a family once more. In July she announced to her sister, Hadley Cross ([info]betterthanhex), that she was pregnant. In terms of business/work, Xander Kingston ([info]bastardprince), is Killians boss and there's plenty of room/opportunity for Killian to develop further connections.
Details: Killian is semi-established and more details about his connection to Elise can be found here. As for Killian/Rebecca, there is still a lot to develop and as of in-game scene/threads, he's unaware of Rebecca's pregnancy despite some journal interaction. I'd very much like to do a scene/thread of him finding out this awesome news and perhaps a flashback of an attempt to have a discussion about kids. If you're interested, let me know so we can discuss Killian/Rebecca.

PBs: Colin Firth preferred because he plays charming and evil so well, but other suggestions are open for discussion.
Connections: Ashley Crane ([info]ashleycrane) is Michaels daughter. Until February 2016, she'd been lead to believe that her father abandoned her and her mother and she was completely clueless to the supernatural. Rebecca Delaney (nee Cross, [info]gohexyourself) and Hadley Cross ([info]betterthanhex) are his nieces. Xander Kingston ([info]bastardprince) and Grayson Ó Nualláin ([info]daedalean) are the two that sent him to the Inbetween.
Details: To put it succinctly, Michael is a manipulative bastard and thirsty for power. He has no qualms exploiting others—Even loved ones—to get what he wants. Highly intelligent, Michael puts his charisma and charm to good use as much as his magical abilities, skills, and power. After all, it was the promise of power that got Angela Brown hooked before she hopelessly fell in love with the warlock and it was power that kept her close. She eventually bore Michael a daughter—Ashley—who he planned on cultivating and harvesting her power as his own. However, his impatience got the better of him and at just three-years-old, Michael nearly killed his daughter to get what he wanted. His spell was interrupted by a faerie and hybrid, the result of which broke the psyche of his wife's mind and got him banished to a place called the Inbetween. Eventually, Michael broke free of his prison in February 2016—changed, and not for the better. Does he intend to finish what he started or does he seek revenge on those who banished him? Perhaps he merely wishes to see his daughter come to the Darkside as did her mother... I would really like to get Michael filled a-sap in order to complete an unfinished scene and further develop their father/daughter issues. Also, I'd like to discuss his intentions.
I'm also looking to re-introduce a character to the game when we move into August, 2016. William Hughes ([info]wmhughes) will need some connections:
PBs: Male or female, completely open to discussion.
Details: While I've written a pre-established connection for these two, I am completely open and willing to changing everything. I simply want to play against William's Maker, whether they're good or bad, former lovers, current enemies, etc., etc.

PBs: Male, female, open to discussion.
Details: Anyone that wants to establish a connection with William whether it's a friend, frenemy, former lover, enemy, etc. One of the ideas I'm playing with to explain his absence is William getting hit with a bout of Wanderlust and he returns to Willow Creek in August, 2016. Maybe he returns with someone in tow (a friend or someone special) or maybe he returns because an old enemy caught up with him and follows him back to Oregon. If you're interested, give me a shout to discuss.
Completely unrelated to William, but Jamie Whitaker ([info]jawhitaker) needs Hunting connections/partners; Friends that he's made and trusts implicitly enough that he'd drop everything to come help if they called and vice versa. Maybe hunting partners where things didn't end well between them and Jamie, etc. I'm particularly interested in partners/trusted individuals who were around Jamie while he was dating and married to Grace Whitaker (nee Daniels, [info]savinggrace) or came across him during his emotional turmoil after her turning. Get in touch with me if you're interested in this line.

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