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Jcink (Updated around 7:19 PM EST) [07 Mar 2017|06:05pm]
In light of IJ having been down for so long, there has been some light discussion of the possibility of moving [info]havenwood to Jcink. That game is my baby and I'd be super upset if something like this outage ever happened again and I ended up losing the group. That being said, this is a situation that is all-or-nothing. If the decision of the players is not unanimous, it's not something we'll do. However, to get to a decision-making point, there are some questions we're asking so if you or someone you know RPs on Jcink, please direct them here:
  1. The first and most important question: Is Jcink reliable? Is it consistently up and running a lot? Does it have down time? If so, when and how long does down time typically last?
  2. Is Jcink free to use and free to host? This is a fairly straightforward question, lol. But any and all info regarding this question would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Are the forums relatively easy to customize in appearance for a newbie? Ie, would we be able to change the color of headers and add a background? Right now, we're more concerned with reliability rather than making everything look super pretty. But, something decent to look at can't hurt, of course, lol.
  4. Non-Premium vs. Premium. What's the difference? What are the perks of premium and are they really necessary for RPing in a forum?
  5. Are multiple account sign-ups allowed from a single email? Would players need to use a different email for each character they sign up with? Or can they use one email over multiple accounts?
  6. Can Admins/Mods send out a mass email? If so, this seems pretty handy to let players know of announcements to the board.
If anyone is able to answer these questions or point us in the direction of sources that can, we'd greatly appreciate it.

UPDATE #1 (7:19 PM EST)
  1. According to Liannis, in the 1 to 2 months she's played on JCINK, there has been only one incident of downtime lasting ~15 minutes.
  2. JCINK is free to use and host.
  3. With the help of Liannis, I was able to get in touch with an admin who said that as long as one has a basic understanding of code, customization shouldn't be too much of a problem and there are resources for forum skins to edit/customize.
  4. The only portion the admin was able to confirm between premium and non-premium is premium gives you the perk of having an ad-free forum that allows mature content. According to the admin, JCINK considers mature content as excessive gore and sex. Considering our group, I don't think this'll be an issue.
  5. Yes, you're able to use one email for multiple forum accounts via linking (see below).
  6. Yes, admins would be able to mass email and even mass PM players. This could be really handy to inform everyone of announcements, news, and other important info.

So... Shit Happened. [07 Mar 2017|02:39am]
Well, last week on IJ was certainly something, huh? So, in regards to that...

I've basically gone through my Custom Groups and deleted them. Afterward, I went back in and recreated a handful that I knew I'd need based on my custom posts. If you think I missed you or you'd like a custom post, please leave a comment below.

Things I still have yet to do...
- Go through the rest of my character journals and fix the custom posts.
- Go through [info]havenwoodlogs and [info]willowcreek to see what needs to be fixed (which is probably everything given what I've seen).
- Update and revamp the Mod journals.
- ...There's more I'm sure, but I can't remember at the moment.
Now I'm going to go clear off my bed and read for a while.

P.S. I think I want to make a Magneto-like teen over at [info]havenwood, but only if I can get some friends and a mentor for her at Crescent Hill Academy.

Directory of Characters [05 Aug 2012|11:57pm]
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Thread Sample (tl;dr-y) [04 Aug 2012|12:01am]
Aeryn ([info]affictitious) as
Alexander Hall ([info]burnthewitch)
Lana ([info]vinovincitomnia) as
Virgil Hughes ([info]masterwarlock)

The Warlock: Scene Two
It's time to find out what Virgil wants

The last few days were spent maintaining his routine while Alex had Sasha follow the warlock around Havenwood. He wanted Virgil to think he hadn't ruffled the witch too much with his visit while subtly trying to discern why the warlock was in town, ignorant of the fact that Anna was in Virgil's clutches again. The only thing of note to Alex of the warlock's path was the visit to Sullivan's Point and the fact that he picked up not one, but two members of the local coven and returned with them to the yacht. Alex didn't find it out of the ordinary for the warlock to spend an excessive amount of time at The Nameless Page—Research, probably—except to wonder what exactly had him so interested.

It was tempting to stroll into the shop to ask Jeremy, but Alex did not like to push the boundaries of their professional relationship too much. JJ was an excellent witch to discuss work, magical spells and theories, but that was all. Alex's philosophy when it can to the application and use of magic was a little too morally gray for the shop owner. Overall, he was tolerated by the coven leader as long as Alex didn't blatantly step over the line or cause trouble and he was afraid questioning Virgil's visits might spread unnecessary light on himself. He'd have a difficult time keeping an eye on the warlock if he had to deal with the coven wondering if he was getting in league with Virgil.

If only they knew, Alex snorted derisively as he exited the café with a to go cup of a chai tea latte in his hand. Dressed in a navy blue corduroy blazer over a white tee, jeans, and plain Oxfords, Alex paused just outside to slip on a pair of sunglasses before proceeding to the marina down the street. By the time he reached the entrance, he was finished with his drink and tossed it into a receptacle while his gaze searched for the vessel. He didn't have to look for long.

The Navigare ad Stellarum was incredibly easy to spot. It was like plunking down the Taj Mahal in the middle of a trailer park, the yacht stuck out so sorely. He hasn't seen anything so ostentatious since... Well, since he'd traveled with the warlock. Not even the original Halls had such excessive tastes. It really garnered a huge eyeroll as Alex stopped beside the vessel and gawked a little. Trust Virgil to travel in ultimate style, he thought.

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Journal Sample [04 Aug 2012|12:00am]
Classes are now in full swing and I'm quite enjoying the discussions and interaction my students are bringing to the proverbial table. To those students that are on my training schedule, I came across this mix that I think might be useful for meditation or quiet moments we discussed:

If it doesn't prove useful, well... At least some of you can expand your music library, eh?

The summer certainly lent itself to a few surprises and concerns. It doesn't help that there has been recent activity in regard to the discovery of bodies and such and more than a few students and staff are worried--something that I've picked up on a telepathic level rather than a verbal one--as they rightfully should be. My heart goes out to Mr. Rosewood for his friend and more so for RJ's sister, Becca. She had the misfortune of discovering one of said bodies recently and while she may not show it, it certainly has shook her more than she's letting on. I wonder if I should say something to RJ? That, I'm afraid is one of the dilemmas a telepath faces: Meddle or don't meddle? Mostly, however, I feel quite sad for the other families who lost loved ones over the summer. It can't be easy dealing with the losses. RJ, however, seemed to have somewhat good news on that front.

Apparently Flynn and several others, including RJ, had a meeting about the deaths and they have some idea of who is behind it. To say that it isn't a little chilling that a prisoner has gone free would be a severe understatement and a lie. I've volunteered some of my time to the patrols on the weekends RJ spoke of and can only hope that my small contribution will be helpful. I agree, too, with RJ's cohorts that this Virgil character needs to be found as quickly as possible. Hopefully, this disquieting period can end soon...

Wishlist: Game Plots [02 Aug 2012|11:59pm]
Updated 2/26/17 )

Wishlist: PSLs [02 Aug 2012|11:58pm]
m/f, heavy angst, some fluff, PB's negotiable
A small town is home to two rival packs who, until many years ago, lived in relative peace with one another. However, after an incident involving prominent members of both packs, the amicable relationship between them has fallen into disarray to the point that the current generation of pack members are concerned that the height of the rivalry will expose them to the humans. The previous generation of the packs feared this and thus made an arrangement between them: One male and one female from each pack must marry for future stability. There's just one problem... They both hate each other.

★ THE CURSE (Closed)
m/m, m/f, angst up the wazoo, some fluff, PB's negotiable
While Muse A is born a werewolf, it's not through the same means as usual (born of two werewolf parents, bitten, or scratched). The males in Muse A's line have been cursed with lycanthropy maybe because a Great-Great-Great-Grandfather did something unspeakable. Muse A searches out for the mage, or their descendant, Muse B, who cursed his bloodline and tries to convince them to lift it for the sake of his son.

m/m, m/f, f/f, angst, fluff, PB's negotiable (but if I get to play a female in this line, I would like to use Jessica Chastain)
Info coming soon.

I pretty much get all my wishlist items from Plots For All. If something above doesn't appeal to you, look through the plot blog and throw an idea that does at me and we can try to work something out.

★ I'm interested in playing this line enough that I'll override my closed-to-new-lines status. If you're interested, please let me know by leaving a note in the dropbox.

Dropbox [01 Aug 2012|11:59pm]
I have about 15+ years RP experience primarily in Urban Fantasy settings before branching out into DC/Marvel and did a brief stint in the Star Wars universe. I prefer games/storylines that involve paranormal or supernatural elements, superpowers, and magic. My writing preference is storybook, Third Person, past tense. I'm flexible and comfortable with most themes as long as they're discussed up front, otherwise I will contact you to let you know if I'm not comfortable with the direction a thread is going. I do not write smut. Journaling and spamming is fun and I enjoy it, but I'm not particularly good at it like others seem to be XD.

I live in the Eastern Standard Timezone and because I work a retail job, my availability varies week-to-week. My main focus tries to be on the two games I'm involved in, but as a warning to any PSL partners, retail can be kind of hard on me as an introvert in terms of energy and motivation so my response time can take up to a week or longer depending on how drained I feel. If you're looking for someone to do daily interaction or every few days, I'm not going to be right partner for you. If you're really interested in writing with me, then I suggest joining one of the two games I'm in, [info]havenwood or [info]willowcreekmod.

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